About United Rail

United Rail is a consolidator and operator of passenger rail excursions in the US.
Whether you’re looking for a partnership, management services, or you’re considering options to liquidate your railroad business altogether, United Rail provides many services that can help you.
We can install our Precision Railroading template on your line and increase your bottom line by 10% to 15%. We’ve done it before. Let us Do it for you.

Our Mission

To increase profitability and efficiency through our Short Line Precision Railroading.

  • We employ a traditional roll up strategy of small short line railroads
  • We look to purchase undervalued assets from motivated sellers
  • We purchase these rail businesses at 3 – 5 times trailing earnings
  • Railroads trade publicly at 10 – 12 times trailing earnings
  • We seek to acquire 25 small short line railroads in the next five years.

United Rail, Inc. is in the business of acquiring short line railroads in both the freight and passenger operations sectors. The company has been active in this space for years. It has operated numerous freight and passenger lines, including the Santa Fe Southern Railway, WSRY, X Wine Railroad and plans to develop rail infrastructure projects and terminal operations. The Company has recently acquired the New England Southern Railway and US Rail Holdings and is bidding on other rail lines in the Northeast. We are making a commitment to operate our brand of freight and passenger service in the region.

We are a Wall Street venture funded organization and are here for the long run. We have the resources to invest in properties to grow them in the region.

Who We Are

  • Publicly Traded Symbol: OTC:PK:URAL
  • $36 million Market Capitalization
  • Profitable Operating History
Operating Companies
10 Employees
15,000 sq ft offices in Nevada, Utah, New Jersey

Corporate Office

United Rail Inc.

9480 S. Eastern Ave

Las Vegas, Nevada 89123


Business Development Office

Sandy, Utah

Capital Markets Office

Tarragon Executive Center

811 Church Road

Suite 215

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002