Short Line Precision Railroading

Unique opportunities exist today in the private short line industry. Whether you’re looking for a partnership, management services, or you’re considering options to liquidate your railroad business altogether, United Rail provides many services that can help you. We can install our Precision Railroading template on your line and increase your bottom line by 10% to 15%. We’ve done it before. Let us Do it for you.

Who Fits Our Model

Acquisition Targets

Independent freight operators
$1.50 million to $5.00 million in annual revenue
Trackage rights in place

How We Buy Them

Asset purchase plus some cash – most cases
Stock for net worth
12 month “earn in” based on gross profit
Restricted shares based on earnings
Employment contract for management

How We Increase Profitability

We consolidate expenses to our centralized accounting, travel agency bookings, and administration
We negotiate larger discounts on fuel, F&B, & purchases.
We expand revenue with technology such as social media, push notifications, and mobile device links
We profile customers for repeat business and drive customers through our loyalty programs.

Benefits to United Rail

Instant revenue and earnings
Ability to integrate their earnings into United Rail public company
Rail access already in place
Creates Increased Shareholder Value