United Rail is building a fleet of privately owned railcars for use and deployment on the upcoming X Train service between LA and Las Vegas later in 2018.

In this endeavor, X train has hired United Rail to procure and manage its fleet operations which we are building up to 80 cars. The X train wants to have multiple options for their LA to Vegas experience and is seeking private car owners to apply to have their private rail cars evaluated for inclusion in the X Train fleet.

If interested, please contact Dianne David at ddavid@unitedrailinc.com to arrange an evaluation.

United is also working on a new series of charters given the withdrawal from the charter business by Amtrak. To qualify for the charter excursions we will be hosting, you must first have your private railcar certified as part of the United Rail fleet.


Company: Friends of the 261

Car Names: Cedar Rapids, Super Dome, Lamberts Point, Wisconsin Valley, Fox River Valley, Minnesota River, Baggage 2450, Golden Valley, Lake Pepin, Wenonah & Nokomis, and Grand Canyon – Website: https://261.com/261-stats/

Company: VarChandra, Inc.

Car Name: NYC-3 Railcar – Website: www.nyc-3.com

Company: Silver Star

Car Name Silver Star – Website: www.silver-star.us

Company: Dearing Railroad

Car Name: The Dearing – Website: www.dearingrailroad.com