Unique opportunities exist today in the private rail car industry. Whether you’re looking for a partnership, management services, or you’re considering options to liquidate your rail car business altogether, United Rail provides many services that can help you. We participate on a value—added equation, and only on those projects in which we believe we can increase revenue.

– Lou Schillinger,
 President /COO – United Rail, Inc.

United Rail - Railroad Management Services

A Complete Passenger Rail Management Umbrella

United Rail offers three main service levels through its Railroad Management Services (RMS):

Become a United Rail's affiliate


By becoming a United Rail Affiliate, you immediately get the benefit of our purchasing power, access to growth capital, reduced rates on operating costs like insurance, and can come under our Common Carrier so your employees become a part of Railroad Retirement. All this and you retain complete ownership of your company. We only get a small percentage of what we save you over your existing cost base.

Become A Partner of United Rail, Inc


Need a capital partner for growth? That’s us. We have several mechanisms we can use to get you the operating capital you need to grow your business to the next level. We are your source whether you need a loan or an equity partner. But remember, at United Rail, you are the boss.

Complete Passenger Rail Management Umbrella


Want to sell your business? We are your guys. We will offer you a fair price and as a public company, can afford you a continuing participation in the upside of United Rail even after you have sold the business. We can take it from here.

United Rail's Rail Management Services (RMS) offers a complete suite of products including passenger services, mechanical, administrative (including network operations, government compliance and reporting and human resources), marketing and advertising, and rail car demolition and remediation.
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