Short Line Precision Railroading

Unique opportunities exist today in the private short line industry. Whether you’re looking for a partnership, management services, or you’re considering options to liquidate your railroad business altogether, United Rail provides many services that can help you. We can install our Precision Railroading template on your line and increase your bottom line by 10% to 15%. We’ve done it before. Let us Do it for you.

Insurance Services

Since the Staggers Rail Act of 1980 and the birth of the short line railroad, United Shortline Insurance Services, Inc. (USIS) has remained exclusively focused on the insurance needs of the short line railroad industry and its hundreds of members across the United States. This growing, ever-changing industry requires a focused insurance manager that understands railroads and their unique characteristics. United Shortline focus’ strictly on providing high-quality coverage, claims handling and loss control services that ensure safe, profitable railroad operations for years to come. USI provides more personal service then those big box insurers with better coverages and better premiums that fit YOUR RAILROAD. Contact us today and let us get started on formulating a risk program for your Railroad or Railroad affiliated business.