Michael Barron

Michael Barron

  • Michael Barron – Chairman/CEO/President Michael Barron has over 40 years of experience financing over $750 million for new business enterprises.Mr. Barron was the founder of Citidata, the first electronic provider of computerized real estate multiple listing services. Mr. Barron also served as the Project Director for TRW Experian and helped develop the world’s largest electronic property database. He was the Founder/CEO of Microventure, an IBM PC partner and developer of real estate software packages for the newly created IBM PC.Mr. Barron was also the CEO and Founder of Virtual Mortgage Network, which partnered with Intel Corp to develop the first loan origination video conference system in real estate offices. He was President of Vescor Investments, a $200 million commercial real estate syndicator with 1756 units in six states; Founder and President of Finet Holdings Corporation, a $600 million publicly traded mortgage broker and banking business; CEO of Shearson Home Loans, a $1.3 billion national public mortgage bank; and CEO of Liberty Capital, a $100 million mortgage asset company.
Ms Wanda Witoslawski

Wanda Witoslawski

  • Wanda Witoslawski – CFO
    Ms. Witoslawski has served in progressively responsible financial positions for public companies over the past twelve years. She served as Controller for Ocean West Enterprises until its acquisition by Shearson Home Loans in 2005 where she managed the accounting function for a staff of 1,350 employees and $200mm credit facility. Upon Shearson’s exit from mortgage banking in 2007, she joined the principals Mr. Barron and Mr. Cosio-Barron as Controller at Liberty Capital Asset Management, an investor in acquiring defaulted mortgage pools, managing public accounting documents for SEC filings and the financial supervision over the liquidation of over 4,000 mortgage loans the company had acquired.

Joe Cosio-Barron

  • Joe Cosio-Barron –  EVP – Compliance
    Joe Cosio-Barron currently serves as President of United Rail Inc. In this capacity, he is responsible for all legal review of contracts, leases and legal documents. In addition, he supervises all compliance for the company, including HR, SEC, DOT, STB, FRA and regulatory agencies.Previously, Mr. Cosio-Barron was President of Shearson Home Loans, a $1.3 billion national mortgage bank with 237 offices in 33 states and 1,450 employees. He co-founded Liberty Capital, a $100 million asset management company based in Las Vegas.  He has also served as the Managing Partner and President of CBS Consultants, Inc. a financial firm offering highly specialized services in development and lending for hotels, resorts, casinos and entertainment companies. He was Executive Vice President of Finet Holdings Corporation, President of Terra West Construction, and Senior Vice President of Multi-Financial Corporation.
Michael Mason

Michael Mason

  • Michael Mason – EVP Capital Markets/Investor Relations
    Michael Mason currently serves as Executive Vice President of United Rail, Inc. He is a proven investor relations and capital markets professional with 20 years of experience working with the financial community.
    Mr. Mason has helped to arrange financing for over 200 public companies, both through traditional investment banking as well as direct investments from institutional investors, family offices, and Regulation A and Regulation D offerings.  Most recently, he was instrumental in securing a $75 million financing for the IPO of a publicly-traded leisure and entertainment company, and a $70 million financing for the IPO of a publicly traded rail transportation company.
Ms. Dianne D. David

Dianne D. David

  • Dianne D. David – President Passenger Rail Network
    Dianne D. David is the President of the Las Vegas Xpress, and is currently responsible for the construction and operations of the Las Vegas, Nevada, X Train Railway Station as Director of Real Estate & Asset Management. She manages the private rail car fleet, which will be deployed on the Las Vegas Xpress train next year.Ms. David was previously the Vice President  of the REO Department for Liberty Capital Asset Management. She’s also served as Vice President of Residential lending for Shearson Home Loans, Sales Manager for Virtual Mortgage Network, Vice President of Lender Services for Finet Corporation, and as President of the Lender Services Division of American Financial Network.

Daniel Elliott

  • Daniel R. Elliott was presidentially appointed to two terms in 2009 and 2015 on the U.S. Surface Transportation Board (STB), an independent economic regulator of the freight railroad industry, and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate both times.  He was designated by the President to be Chairman for both of these terms until January 2017.As Chairman, Mr. Elliott became an authority in railroad economic regulatory matters handled before the STB, in Congress and through the courts. He was responsible for decisions at the agency regarding complex rulemakings, rate cases, preemption issues, and major rail construction cases. Another part of his job included constant interaction with Congress, especially the committees with oversight over STB activities, including testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee on several occasions.Prior to assuming his leadership role in the federal government, Mr. Elliott litigated labor and transportation cases for sixteen years before the federal courts and numerous federal agencies.  He has appeared before the Surface Transportation Board, the National Mediation Board, the National Labor Relations Board, and the Department of Labor.  He won numerous significant cases before these agencies and in the federal district and appeals courts during this time.Mr. Elliott was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and grew up in Cleveland.