Smart Rail

Smart Rail -Web Based Management

United Rail, Inc. is developing a proprietary web based system for short line railroads which electronically manages all logistics of the railroad.

Smart Rail – its  Precision Railroading Program:

  • LOAD LOGISTICS: United Rail uses its technology to allow the shipper to schedule car pick up and delivery on the most optimum schedule for interchange traffic
  • PRICING: United Rail Precision Railroading system Smart Rail allows the customer to choose the optimum time for pick up and delivery based on price savings.
  • ELECTRONIC CLASS 1 INTERFACE: United Rail’s Smart Rail system coordinates interchange pick up & set out to maximize time for freight movement. All at the control and selection of the customer.

Our Smart Rail System offers a  complete suite of products including rail logistics, mechanical, administrative (including  network operations, government compliance and  reporting and  human  resources),